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Introductory list of PoTs for mc2 2014




BPM 8.0 v1.1

Business Process Management for Human Workflow Processing. Objectives of this PoT: Demonstrate how your business can become more efficient by leveraging business process management to support human business processes. Understand the importance of clearly defining business goals and identifying how business processes support these goals. Describe the ease with which a business process can be defined. Explain the steps to transform a business process definition into a solution that can make it easier to perform the work of the business process. Visualize what it’s like to work in an environment that leverages business process management to route, display, and manage business tasks. Experience how flexibility can be built into a business process to allow for necessary business adjustments.


IBM Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

This workshop is based on the Money that Matters lifecycle scenario which uses a fictitious banking company called JKE and a realistic software development project whose goal is to deliver Release 1 of the JKE Banking application. The scenario centers on a single sprint by the team responsible for delivering an initiative called "Business Recovery Matters". All of the action within the scenario occurs within just one sprint for one team. The team is using IBM Rational Team Concert to plan, track, collaborate, and deliver the release integrated with IBM Rational Requirements Composer to capture requirements and IBM Rational Quality Manager to plan, construct and execute tests. The scenario is a companion to the JKE Money that Matters sample project shipped with those products.


Cognos 10 BI

Cognos 10 Business Insight. Objectives for this PoT: Acquaint participants with the IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence solution. Provide hands-on interaction with key solution elements. Help participants identify how Cognos 10 capabilities can be applied to drive better outcomes in their organization.


Cognos Active Reports

IBM Cognos 10 Active Reports is the breakthrough business analytics technology used to extend the reach of business intelligence (BI) and analytics to a broad audience of consumers so they can use interactive reports to uncover new insights and opportunities.


The following are the objectives for attendees to gain upon the successful completion of this Proof of Technology workshop.

•A better understanding of Active Reports

•Extended knowledge of Active Reports features and capabilities

•Awareness of the ease of creating an interesting Active Reports


SPSS Data Mining

The IBM SPSS Data Mining Workshop is session using data mining and predictive modelling software. This session gives attendees an opportunity to “kick-the-tires”and experience how fast and easy it is to build predictive models.


DB2 Compression

Discovering the value of DB2 Compression. This Proof of Technology is designed to demonstrate the value of implementing DB2 Compression. It contains lab exercises that implement data row compression and index compression and then measure the improvement in query elapsed execution time and backup duration and size.



IBM LUW Performance Management Tools (v3.2). This Proof of Technology is for Database Administrators, Data Management Architects, Database Developers and other decision influencers evaluating IBM technologies. While managers and executives may want to attend for the presentations, it’s the technical folks who will especially want to attend for the labs in order to see these tools in action.



IBM Worklight. This exercise introduces you to building Mobile applications using IBM Worklight and HTML5. In this lab, you will build a sample insurance mobile application that provides policy review, claim management, billing and vehicle reviewing functions. You will develop a mobile app using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and the Dojo Mobile framework.


Data Architect

IBM InfoSphere DataArchitect. Understand the challenges of information management and how IBM data management capabilities can help drive the goal of competitiveness. Describe how InfoSphere Data Architect provides capabilities in support of data management to help meet information management challenges.Review InfoSphere Data Architect capabilities via labs exercises to reiterate the major features of InfoSphere Data Architect.


Admin Experienced DBA

DB2®10.1 comes with many powerful features that help ease the day-to-day activities all DBAs must perform in every IT shop. In this Proof of Technology, specific comparisons with SQL Server are made throughout to help customers better understand the feature and function differences between DB2 and the competitive SQL Server product. This session consists of both presentation and hands-on lab exercises.


Discovering value of SOA

Rational Mobile

By the end of the session, you will be able to: Understand key aspects of WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Registry Edition including an in-depth look at WebSphere Service Registry and Repository and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. Register services using Business Space. Implement and extend mediations using IBM Integration Designer.

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